Out Door Healing Space

We are fortunate to live in the pacific northwest, on a gorgeous island, amongst beautiful Cedar trees, Douglas firs, Grand firs and Big leaf maple trees with a vibrant forest alive with such an amazing echo system. Our local inhabitants include several types of owls, hawks, ravens, robins, swans, beavers, bald eagles, golden eagles, as well as deer, coyotes, raccoons, cougars, and an occasional bear,,, oh my!

During the spring the local lake and creek comes alive with the rich sounds of frogs ringing in the life blossoming into the warmth bring into summer that’s teaming with life.

Our vitalization project has emerged over many years, we realized early on that the transformation of our healing space was one that actually helped those in need. That getting ones hands dirty, being outdoors, working to help create new life… well, you just can’t get that in a prescribed pill.

The progress of our healing space has evolved from the hard-work of those looking to heal… an exchange of energy, donations from those wanting to help those in need, our healing space has been created from the heart and much love.

We have spend a great deal of time assisting folks dealing with PTSD, which has been a concern for those that have served in the military, law enforcement, fire services, medical field, all front-line folks and their family and friends.

The healing spaces have been created by those that come to our space looking to find ways to heal heal, and of those looking to heal folks heal, what they create helps others and the process continues, quite beautiful to say the least.

We look forward to sharing how our healing path has evolved, how those looking for peace have found such and are contributing to the process of healing not only for themselves, but for others.

Our spring and summer project includes the build-out of Ekodomes in our forest. Creating space that folks can learn of various meditation practices, breathing exercises, Tia chi, sound therapy’s, about how to grow healthy foods, herbs, way to prepare the foods they grow, how to create medicines from the forest, and so much more.

Please join us and support us on our journey to the positive future we wish to see!