Our Healing Space

What an amazing world we live in, a world full of so many healing elements. Sounds, vibrations, frequencies, so many possibilities for our healing. We knew right from the start our healing space needed to be intentional to allow for the “set,” “setting,” and “integration.” Our space has evolved over many years, we’ve learned so very much, and our healing space continues to blossom, to grow. Our indoor space has so many elements that helps self-discovery and healing. Our healing tools have been intentionally selected for the energy, the feel, and the healing frequency they create.

Our indoor space is filled with healing instruments. These instruments sing together, and as you are in the room, you will hear them reacting to the activity and the sounds in the room. This helps with the amazing energy you can feel as soon as you enter the space.

Sacred geometry is another element used in our healing process. We have been blessed to have such amazing energy throughout our space, from world-famous fractal artists to rare indigenous healing tools and visual arts native to the jungle, forest, and beyond.