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Mala Making

Jan 01, 2024 1:11 pm - 5:00 pm

It is time to embark on the creation of a new Mala as we welcome the beginning of the year. This cherished tradition has become an annual event, eagerly anticipated with the advent of each New Year. It serves as a profound opportunity to commence the year with purpose, selecting a meaningful intention and crafting a powerful tool that will aid in focusing on the desired manifestations for the upcoming year.

This practice offers a truly exquisite means to reset and initiate a fresh start in one’s spiritual journey.

At this special event, you will have the privilege of handcrafting your very own Mala, carefully composed of semi-precious gemstones. Comprising 108 beads and a single guru bead, your choice of intention will guide the selection of beads for your Mala. The end result is not only a beautiful piece of personal jewelry but also a potent symbol of your intentions and aspirations for the year ahead. Participants consistently leave with a profound sense of accomplishment and connection.

In the morning and at night, it is encouraged that you take a moment to recite, visualize, and deeply feel your chosen intention each time you touch a bead on your Mala. This practice can be sustained for 40 consecutive days, reinforcing your commitment to your goals and infusing your Mala with powerful energy.

If you are interested in further exploration of the significance of Malas and how to incorporate them into your practice, we recommend “Mala Magic” written by Bob Olson, a resourceful guide that delves into the magic of Malas and their transformative potential.

This year, I have selected four intentions based on the Mystic Shaman Oracle Card Deck.  You are invited to choose the one that resonates most strongly with you.


The Mystic Shaman

Focus:  As I manifest my desires, I am fully protected.

The Corn

Focus: Grounded to the earth, I receive support and abundance.

Beauty Way


Focus: I allow the greater bond and connection will all to emerge.


Focus: I release all obstacles and align to my true nature.


Please go to the www.theinnerlighthouse.org to sign up. You can also push the button below to be linked to the signup page.

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January 1
1:11 pm - 5:00 pm