EndoCannabinoid Therapy

Every human has an Endo-Cannabinoid System (ECS) with receptors throughout our bodies. This system is involved in almost all brain and body functions, from our ability to handle pain, stress and anxiety to our mobility and muscle health.  The ECS helps to regulate sleep, immune-system response, pain and inflammation system response, relaxation, and more.  Our body utilizes the ECS to keep us healthy and balanced.
The ECS consists of three main components: endogenous cannabinoids (Endocannabinoids), receptors, and enzymes. Cannabinoids produced outside the body are called exo-Cannabinoids.  Cannabinoids made by plants are called PhytoCannabinoids.  CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of over 100 exogenous Phytocannabinoids produced by cannabis. ​
ECS Therapy consists of supplying the ECS with compounds that support its function and promote a healthy ECS.  This can be done by supplementing with both or either of exo-cannabinoids or endo-cannabinoids.  It also can be done by supplementing with compounds that work indirectly through their ability to delay endocannabinoid breakdown or through synergistic effect.   A Healthy ECS can then be utilized to support the body’s natural function and structure.  ​​

The primary focus of this self-regulating system is to provide homeostasis (balance) to our body. Get Physician guided medicinal use of CBD & THC to promote:

-Immune Modulators
-Pain Relief